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2016/2017 Leadership

Larry Tukes, Co-chair
Jacquie Jones-Walsh, Co-chair
Shaudé Moore, Vice-chair
Guy Astley, Treasurer
Joyce Clark, Secretary

Emeritus Chairs
Eddie Rye, Jr.
Hon. Larry Gossett

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It has been our policy to make table space available to COMMUNITY GROUPS before and during the workshop sessions.

Free space is available on a FIRST-COME BASIS, but space is limited, so come early!  Once space has been filled, people will not be allowed to set up tables.

Doors to the school will open at 8 a.m.  Tables and materials must be removed by 11 a.m.

You must BRING YOUR OWN card-table-size table & chair(s) if desired. You may not use chairs from the school.  Chairs must be along-side the tables (not behind or in front of table).

No tables in the main entry way.  Tables may be set up on the south side of the east-west corridor outside the Commons (Cafeteria).  A large space will be reserved for our t-shirt vendor, please do not infringe on that space..

Make sure you understand in which areas tables are permitted;  ask a volunteer.  We have to leave aisles wide enough for safe passage of crowds.

Anything that is put up on the walls must be affixed by painters tape.  No sales of products are allowed, but a suggested donation for small items such as buttons is fine.

Thank you for your understanding!

IF YOU CAME HERE for information about the CAREER FAIR 1-4:30 p.m., please email these organizers:

Jon Bersche <>
Charlie James <>
Eddie Rye, Jr.  <>